With 13,140 hours of development, the MAC team presents you with a more underlying network.

Mac is dedicated to building a brand new, highly efficient development system by utilizing a total ecological underlying development mode; it will be directly applied to business applications, using a high TPS with a stable and secured technical underlying to ensure the business application could run in a more efficient way.
The Cross-chain asset circulation highway was built with a multi-chain consensus, multi-chain parallel, and NDPoS multi-chain atomic operation; MAC is a high-performance development platform, which is extremely convenient to be implemented and was created to be a world-class blockchain infrastructure; via the shared and unified multi-chain user system allowing access to the big user ecosystem of the blockchain world.




This White Paper is the first version. We will continue to update the details. At present, the details of the algorithm have not yet been opened as we are applying for relevant intellectual property protection patents. Meanwhile, we are writing the Yellow Paper which will be published in the near future. This white paper mainly explains the innovations that MAC has made in the algorithm and consensus-level which enable the TPS to achieve unexpected values with excellent performance; it also explains the various innovative breakthroughs that MAC has achieved, such as Multiple Hybrid Consensus Mechanism, continuous random sampling substitutes for the traditional discrete consensus algorithms, asynchronous sequencing, and simulated Neuron system for joint decision-making. Also, MAC has created a new term - DBAPP, namely Decentralized Business Application.



Blockchain, having been put labels on since it saw the light of day. Chains, coins, numbers and trades, these economic attributes have drawn excessive attention, which helped lucky abnormal aspects take off in a different directions, resulting in all kinds of projects. However, the core and nature under its deceiving coat were neglected, which is that the mission of tech should be serving people and bringing people more convenience. From the perspective of its functions and attributes, we believe that people should shift their focus back to its nature, pursuing the tech development, transforming the intangible nouns into practical commercial applications that will reveal to people the attributes of convenience, safety, privacy and fairness, showing people the appealing of decentralized internet tech and take a lead in the Blockchain 3.0 era by developing the underlying tech.